Do we all enjoy a good "sit down and talk"?  It is absolutely one of my very favorite things in this world.  One of the things I do not enjoy about writing this missive is the limitation of this form of communication in discourse.  NOW---I know and have been a part of "zoom meetings" and such.  Personally I feel they stifle the normal give and take of "in person" conversation.  And yes, there are those who comment and I reply on social media about the blog topic, but unless we are sitting face to face it just does not work as well.  What we usually end up with is a monologue.  Believe it or not, I truly do grow weary over only hearing my voice.  I would LOVE to be able to reach through the air waves and pick someone--everyday to have a meaningful conversation with.  The biggest draw back to living alone is the lack of someone to hear and reply or begin a conversation topic to cause me to think.  That is the thing I miss most in my solitude.  When someone responds to our comments--our conversations, we are given the message that we are being heard.  Someone has stopped in their busy world long enough to hear us and respond.  One of the most affirming things in life is to be listened to.

If I could reach through the airwaves and ask "What is on your mind?", what would you tell me?  If I could convey to you, "I choose you" and hope you are willing to enter into a friendly one on one---would you be willing?  We have the ability to have conversation via airwaves face to face--our cell phones give us this technology.  BUT--it is not quite the same as in person face to face.  There is so much conveyed by our tone, our expressions, or body language that cannot be truly conveyed unless we are in person.

  Today---I choose you---What is on your mind?  What do you want to talk about?  This can become a group discussion--of sorts--if we are all willing to convey our thoughts to each other.  There is NO judgement---I am much more interested in what you think than your grammar or writing style.  Help an old girl out and occasionally throw me a bone of response, or something you might want to talk about--PLEASE!  

Enough begging---what brought this to mind was my thoughts last night and early this morning over God choosing me---each and every day---He chooses me.  He hears me---He is listening for me---He desires to spend time with me.  AND---I have found--He finds ways to speak to me.  He is faithfully waiting for my thoughts, my questions, and will listen without fail.  What a Mighty God we serve.

"Before they call I will answer;

while they are yet speaking I will hear."

Isaiah 65:24

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