FINALLY I hit the double digits on my long run again after a LONG time of staying in the single digits.  It's hard to run the long distances---when under stress, when it is hot, when it is raining, when it is not raining, and when you are in SORRY shape.  

Once the temperatures in the early AM hours began to go down--we decided it was time to start upping our mileage.  We added a mile a week until today---I finally got to 10!  You don't really feel like you have done a TRUE long run--until it is at least 10 miles.  Running is all a head game---and this is one of those little trigger points---10 miles.

SO------after more than a year---well truthfully more than 18 months--can't remember the last time actually---I am back at 10----it wasn't pretty but it's in the books!

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