OK---about to show my age----it was a REALLY big deal when growing up to "Go To Town".  I really don't remember many of the details of just what we did in town---remember my Daddy LOVED to go to the coffee shop where plenty of "talk" (i.e.-gossip) happened and lots of leg pulling went on.  We occasionally drove ALL the way to Monroe--which today is about 30 minutes away---but then--was an all day trip.  We did some clothes shopping on those occasions.  I just loved Going to Town.

I am leaving tomorrow after my volunteering and "Going To Town"---the town I will be calling home in a few short months---Fort Worth.  Always busy when I go to Fort Worth---this time there is a 2 year old birthday party and lots of other things planned.  

I will be more aware this trip of my surroundings---trying to figure out what it will look like when I am officially a Texan.  First things first--gotta get my house sold--which means someone needs to come look at it---

BUT for now---I'm going to town tomorrow!

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