MY COSTUME--------

I've had my costume on ALL DAY!  I got up this morning and put on my work out clothes for my 5 mile walk.  Put my hair up in a pony tail (very small-low pony tail)-----and off I went.  It is now 13 + hours later---I have NOT had a shower---I HAVE been in the yard a lot of the day.

SO my costume is dirty/sweaty/smelly work out clothes and OH YES---I did put a hat on at some point---to hide the lovely hair---  Hopefully I will get in the shower at some point before bed---but I am greeting the LEGIONS of Trick or Treaters AS IS!

One good thing about being alone---there is no one to remind you that you don't smell so good or look so good----if you can stand yourself and don't look in the mirror---WHO IS TO JUDGE!

SO---Happy Halloween----there goes the doorbell---need to greet the little darling ghosts and goblins----if you have candy in your hand---they don't run off screaming from the sight and smell!

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