After Grand #4 was born---I often talked about the baby and called him Bubba with #3----Sweet-sweet Camille--nipped that in the bud---told me she did not want that sticking and did not want Little E called Bubba---I gave in--finally---and now we call him Brother---cute---but it just does not have the charm (redneck) of Bubba.

After work today, I was out planting a few more pretties in the back yard.  The neighbor from behind---whom I have never seen----has a little dog that started barking when he heard me.  He started questioning the dog about what he was barking at and I stuck my head over the fence to tell him I was there.  I introduced myself and low and behold---Bubba told me his name too.  I guess Camille was correct---these names can stick for a lifetime.  

What was puzzling about he entire encounter----Bubba-who incidentally has looks that fit his name, has a little white Frau Frau dog---and he is a single man---GO FIGURE!  An Enigma in my back yard!

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