We celebrate the great men and women in our country that served in our armed forces who fought to preserve our freedom.  We all have men or women in our lives who filled the ranks of freedom protectors.

My Daddy---served during World War II in the European theater---I have read a few of his letters to Momma during this time and remember hearing the stories of that time in their lives.  What it must have been to endure that LONG war!  What a sacrifice SO many made.  Daddy came home physically intact--who knows the emotional toll it took on him and many others.

My Uncle Bruce served in Korea---one of the things I remember most was him talking about how cold it was.  He died a premature death---we will never know if that "conflict" had any impact on his early leaving.

My peers served in Vietnam---we lost one of our Farmerville natives that was about my age over there.  His picture was in Look magazine during that time and then he was gone---a statistic in the numbers of the years that were lost protecting our freedom.  Many of my classmates and friends served--with eternal consequences to them.

SO--thank you to all those that have served and especially to the families of those that were lost.  It is a debt we can never repay.

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