I am continually amazed at how God works in my life and those that he uses to ensure His will is done.   LONG STORY---but AWESOME evidence of HIS hand on me----

SO  I put my house on the market about a month ago---it has not shown a single time.  I talked it over with God recently in the middle of the night---asking HIM---if this is Your plan for me to move--I am leaving it up to You to open the doors---

A few days later I had a casual conversation with a friend who is a mortgage lender about the market--and what is happening--mentioning to her that I have my house up for sale.  Thought no more about it.

I received a text while Camille was here that someone wanted to show my house---GREAT!  I see the same mortgage lender the next day while at work and mention to her that my house is showing the next day---she says--Yes--Real Estate Agent X is showing it to a single lady.  Turns out the lender and agent are good friends and when he is discussing with her that he is showing this lady around--she says you need to show her Lora's house.

They come today---my realter calls me on my way to Austin and says the lady is very interested---no commitment---but this lets me know---God is directing this operation and it will sell.  What a great God!

As I ponder the fact that this is really going to happen and I am going to leave my lifelong home in Louisiana---I am a little apprehensive---and then I look up and see the night sky and remember---The SAME God that is watching over me in Louisiana is here in Texas and will be watching over me here as well.  THAT IS COMFORTING!

Good Starry Night From Deep in the Heart of Texas.

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