Do you remember back in the late Spring----I won the lottery---I was given a spot in the NY Marathon----the one last marathon I would run.  After LOTS of prayer and thought----and THEN announcement that Grand # 5 was on their way.  I deferred until the following year.

I did tell you about the announcement that #5 was coming?  When I found out I was one of the lucky runners, I asked Camille would she go to NY with me since no one else from Ruston--at the time---was in this year's marathon. LONG STORY---GOOD STORY--for another day about our local "Wonder" who also got in---AFTER I had deferred.  After weeks of agonizing about whether or not I could do this year's marathon and obsessing about the cost---I called to discuss it with Camille.  She asked me "When is it?"  I told her the first weekend in November.  She said, "Well I'll be in my third trimester and probably not able to travel."   WHAT!!!!  SURPRISE   for ALL OF US!!!  Good Surprise!

SO at that point---I KNEW---DEFER!

NOW Look at what has happened to poor NY and surrounding areas----and the marathon has finally been cancelled----GOOD CHOICE---NYRunners Club---BUT---I have once again---seen How God is Protecting Me!  Thank You, Lord.  Forgive me for my doubt---and increase my faith---that You Know before I could possibly even be aware.  AND YOU ARE PROTECTING ME!

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