ONCE UPON A TIME---A LONG TIME AGO----there was this thing called "The Oil Embargo".  Oil was in short supply SO Uncle Sam in ALL his wisdom decided that we would all benefit by changing the time in the summer so that we had longer daylight hours and could spend more time out of doors during the hot time of the year.  

SO they changed the time---we ALL sit on our lazy butts IN the air conditioning during these wonderful daylight hours in the HOT summer time---NOT saving energy.  BUT after a a few months---it was actually a shorter period of time for many years---now it's 6 months of the year--we would go back to the "Real Time"?

SO we just get used to the time being one way--our bodies adapt and BAM we change back.  My head knows that I got another hour of sleep---or actually FINALLY got that hour I lost back---BUT my body does not.

MY TAIL IS DRAGGING!  Is it alright to go to bed at 7 PM?  This is what happens when Uncle Sam starts seizing control of our lives---A MESS!

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