Grandson # 5 is HERE!  7 lb-9 ou  which is a shrimp in the "James World".  He is "His Own Man"---don't really see anything that says---"I look just like"---yet.  He is snoozing away! Babies born early tend to be that way.  So after naps==well #3 refused to take a nap---but #4 took a brief 1 hour 20 min snooze---I took the boys to meet baby brother---# 3 gave him a brief nod and a short nod---# 4--TOTALLY IGNORED HIM!  He has GOT IT FIGURED OUT--this baby MEANS TROUBLE!

NOT while Lulu is here though!

God continues to teach me lessons in extending mercy and grace to others.  My Godly friend, Brother David, told me, "It's not about how you feel or how you've been treated, but it is about how we are commanded to act."

JUST WANT TO WARN YOU PEOPLE--I am praying for a little reprieve from God's lessons and asking Him to look around---I am CERTAIN someone else needs some attention!

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