LESSON #1---When driving in the city---DO NOT---I REPEAT DO NOT---unless absolutely necessary get on ANY interstate around 5 in the afternoon---and I am assuming 7 in the morning!

Lesson was learned today when I arrived in the "Mid Cities" area a few minutes after five.  I will say the traffic never stopped---if you consider 10 MPH still moving.  It's the strangest thing---I have seen this over and over---all traffic is at a virtual standstill---bumper to bumper--creeping along for miles---ALL of a sudden things pick up and you are all speeding down the highway at 70 again.  WHAT CAUSED THE STAND STILL?   You never spot anything---there is no merging traffic that you see---for some unexplained reason---it just came to a stand still.

SO---I brilliantly timed my entry into the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex at the WRONG time today!!!  Lesson learned!

ONE OTHER THING---when there is a sign that says 


Obviously that only applies to cars with out of state license tags---EVERYONE from Texas seems to ignore that "Law"   or perhaps it is just a suggestion.  YES---we don't have traffic laws in Texas---only traffic suggestions!

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  1. This cracks me up. It has been one of the hardest lessons I have learned since moving to DFW. For my first two years here, I never got on the interstate, I only drove "back roads". After all, that was what I was used to.

    Missy R.


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