In case you missed the news flash---today is my birthday!  It has been a good day---a great day---so WHAT made it such a great day?

A good brisk 5 mile walk with good friends with lots of conversation

A good day at work--using the brain and talents that God gifted me with--enjoying the relationships of 3 new friends that I would have never met without my business

A great visit with a sweet friend after work--where we laughed and laughed---and told secrets---on ourselves and laughed some more

Dinner with my sweet "big" brother and my saintly sister in law (stars in her crown for putting up with "the brother")---more good conversation--laughter-- and fun

Hearing from "My 3 children and my favorite DIL who all called with birthday wishes"

Talking to my 4 grandsons  who all had sweet birthday wishes and even a 3 year old version of Happy Birthday ---the only one that sang to me today--
"Happy Birfday, Dear YuYu" (can't get those l's out)

MANY wonderful birthday wishes from countless friends--texts, calls, emails, cards, and facebook messages.

The reminder once again of how truly blessed I am---it's the simple things in life that make me happy---the relationships---that is what is most important.

SO--early to bed---VERY early rising----THANK YOU ALL for making it a Blessed Day!  Love you more than I could ever say!

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