I have spent a great deal of time today thinking about just what a date means.  When you view eternity from God's perspective---it is not even a grain of sand on the beach.  To us it is a way to measure time---to pause and remember a special occurrence in our lives---some good and some not.  The date causes emotions to rise to the surface---sometimes happy and sometimes sad.  

Really though a date is just that---a point in time to measure time.  The number of years we have been on this earth or the number of years when someone departed this earth.  The date rolls around---we pause--we reflect--and the next day--life goes on.  God created morning and night---to give us these markers--since we are mortal beings while on the earth and need a method to measure.  

Everyone has special dates that they always pause--reflect---remember.  No one is created unique--it happens to each and every one of us.  At the very minimum you have the day you were born---to keep track of your time here.

Today--40 years ago---I was married---and that was a point of time in my life--not really special to anyone else but me.  I pause today--I reflect-I count the number of years and tomorrow life will go on.  It's a point in time on the continuum of eternity--just a point in time.

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