Sometimes--my stupidity even amazes me!  WHY would I go see a Nicholas Sparks movie????  Totally predictable and TOTALLY SAPPY!  How more lame and pitiful can you get than to be sitting ALONE in a "Happily Ever After" movie??  All around are couples--including 2 rows at the back of pre-teen/maybe teen junior highers---who SOME of which clap at the "we are all happy" ending.  

SO what's wrong with Nicholas Sparks---not one thing--if you don't mind anticipating the ending before it even gets going good---knowing the predictable plot as well as you know every fairy tale you ever heard.  Does life EVER really work out like that?  Well let's see--today's movie--after the crazed abusive husband knocks the ever living daylights out of the heroine---and they struggle over the gun---HE dies--even though he is OBVIOUSLY much stronger than her AND she has one slightly discoloration on her beautiful cheekbone.  NO black bruising---or swelling---she is as beautiful as before the struggle.

There is no guilt to live with after the husband dies---the children are not traumatized by their brush with death or loss of life long memories AND they all live happily ever after--not one ill effect from any of the trauma.

SERIOUSLY---I need to write a book--BUT who would believe it?  The world does NOT want reality--they want fantasy---AND SO DO I!!!

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  1. I felt the same way about the book...those poor children. Once again, I have resolved to never read/ watch anything by him. It's too much for me.


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