Momma J---is sick--so Aunt Nancy & I took the 2 big boys in tow today.  We already had a trip planned to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens---so we drug them along.  I think we saw some plants in the conservatory-Rose Garden & Japanese Gardens --but it's all a blur or chasing a 2 & 3 year old around.  There were plants--there were signs identifying them---I have NO clue what any of those signs said.

We DID stop to feed the koi in the Japanese gardens--the highlight of the trip for the boys---HUGE HUGE Koi!  AND HUNGRY--  Had to keep a tight grip on the little one--Mr. H can swim-but Little One--can't and does not know to be afraid!  A tight grip on the coat of that Little Mister!

Here is what I DID learn---if I am going to be ready for a Hiking Trip in 3 months carrying 40 lbs on my back--I'm in DEEP TROUBLE!  We took the boys down to the pond in the rose garden which is at the bottom of a not that steep hill to see the turtles.  Henry decided at that point that "My legs have no power left."  I put him on my back and climbed that hill---I have a LONG way to go to get ready for this hiking trip--OR I will be bear bait at the base of the mountain!  SO add hiking with weighted pack on my back when I get back to LA to my weight training!  SUCH SUCH FUN!

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