I went back to "Power Pump" this morning with Camille.  Before the class began, one of her friends came up to me and said, "Did Camille tell you that you will be sore for 2 weeks after the first class?"  I must admit--I MIGHT have been slightly smug when I told her--"Oh, I came Friday,  we missed you!"  OH TO BE 30--again!  ON SECOND THOUGHT--- LORD--NO--DO NOT WANT TO DO ALL THIS AGAIN!

ANYWAY---there is a different instructor today and she has an apprentice that she is training.  NO PROB---but let me just say---you look at the front of the class for direction and instruction--OR  YOU ARE LOOKING AT THE INSTRUCTOR--SO

The main instructor is probably late 40's-early 50's---she might have played tackle for one of the professional football teams---her upper torso and legs remind you of tree stumps--THICK tree stumps--she has her head tied back in a bandana--that looks like she may be about to mow the lawn--NOW--I liked her--but I am looking to be motivated--you know--HEY I WANT TO LOOK LIKE YOU!  She is so strong that the main thing she inspires from me is grumbling and mumbling.

The apprentice--WELL---he is probably mid to late 30's -----as my kids say-RIPPED!  Cute little --unassuming face--easy on the eyes and soft spoken to boot.  NOW--he did not say much the entire class--BUT I must admit I felt HIGHLY motivated following his lead!  HEY-I KNOW I am alone--but I like a good view just like the rest of you!

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  1. You crack me up!! Glad you are enjoying the view in Texas! ;)


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