SO--before I start--let's just say I am not too sore today--it's a miracle  OR perhaps the 4 Alleve I took helped!

The house my apartment is in is being painted-outside--EVEN the brick.  I met the landlord when I moved in---92 --still drives--a Lexus--no less--THIS IS TEXAS!---and still in charge of things.  We talked about the house and the shape it was in--she told me that she was having the trim painted-but surprised me with the brick also---pleasantly surprised.  When I arrived back in FW--the windows were covered with plastic--understandable---BUT the wind was also blowing 25 MPH--SO the first night back--the plastic blew and rustled all night--MISERABLE night--I am a VERY light sleeper--that serves me well most of the time--but NOT that night!

SO---after spending the day with the 3 Amigos & Mother---I came home exhausted--FELL into bed--went into a coma---UNTIL about 2 AM---I remember hearing a door slam---Whipper Snapper's front door is right below my bedroom.  THEN---loud talking, laughing, carrying on RIGHT in front of my house.  Could I just say--I was NOT happy--they finally Hushed and I was out again.

SO--this morning--I waited until about 9 AM---WAIT--I didn't tell you that Whipper Snapper works nights and also plays nights when he is not working--don't have a problem with that--BUT I respect his sleeping during the days---he needs to respect my nights---OK--back on track---at 9 AM--I turned on the vacuum---then used the dust buster (SHRILLEST NOISE I HAVE) on the stairs---up and down on his bedroom side---and for a FINAL Good Bye before heading out the door---used the hair dryer.

SOMETHING tells me the war is not over--that's OK--God has been teaching me patience!

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