We ALL have a "Super Power"---a power that we hold over others---a tremendous power--that can cause others to tremble --to lash out in anger---to cry--to laugh--to glow with pride.  The power held by us all is that of our words.  I have been reminded several times over the course of the last few days of that great great--power.  The power that can last a minute--an hour--a day--weeks--or even a lifetime. 

While thinking over this power--I was even confronted with a living example.  Here is the bottom line of what I concluded---we may say something in total innocence---with not one negative thought or intention--BUT because of the life experiences of someone that we are speaking to---they are stricken---even paralyzed speechless because of what we have said.  This has left me pondering what have I said--quite innocently--that caused another pain?

We all desire to be blessed-----and our words are usually the only means we have to bless those that are dear to us.  So I will chose my words carefully --hopefully---and listen to what is said to me without the cloud of the past.

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