Have been BAD since last Friday and not done much training for my hike---got back at it today---Hiked 6 miles at the park with 20 #s on my back.  I have 15-20 more pounds to add to that load eventually!

Mile 1-2---I am FEELING GOOD---spring in my step--smile on my face---GOT THIS HANDLED

The trail is pretty flat those first two miles---Mile 3-4 prove to be harder--harder trail--harder carrying the load---ankle hurts some---shoulders beginning to tighten up.  Still feel like I can do this---It just may prove to be more difficult than I first imagined!

THEN comes mile 5-6---HARD part of the trail--lots of jumping creeks--WITH all that weight on my back---LOTS of steep climbs---HARD---shoulders feel like I am carrying a boulder on my back---I need to have my head examined!

The thing that is dragging between my body and "BB"---that's my tail!

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