I was reminded today--how I have learned to deal with the sadness in my life---the remedy to over-whelming sadness---blessing someone!  NOW when I say blessing someone--I am not talking about verbally giving a blessing---though I do think it is VERY important to give verbal blessings.  The blessing I am referring to is a physical blessing that you convey to another by an act of service to them.

What BETTER way to show your love for another than by serving them?  Today that blessing was relayed by yard work--for two of my friends.  When you are not asked--but you just know there is a need--it is so satisfying to perform a service for another!  They are blessed--but GUESS WHAT--you are blessed FAR greater.  AND it's difficult to think about your own grief when serving another.  

God is teaching me--HE served me---LONG before I served anyone else!  He has taught me to get my eyes off my navel--away from my grief--AND on to how HE can use me!  HE is glorified by using me to bless others!  How INCREDIBLE that He would chose to use me--I AM BLESSED!

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