I am living in D---Nile---and that is NOT a river!  I have asked that no one make a big deal over my leaving and they have sweetly done just that.  I've eaten so MANY Good Bye meals that I am going to be the size of an elephant if I'm not careful!  We have had a few tear showers---but thankfully NO tear storms.  Perhaps the storm will come when I am about half the way to my new home and it dawns on me that I am not coming back.  Perhaps God has numbed me--and the numbing will wear off eventually---not sure what is going on--but do know this----HE HAS ME IN THE PALM OF HIS HAND!!

So one more day---part of the day working---part celebrating reading with my 2nd grader--and then to pack up.  It all has a surreal feel to it---is this really my life?

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