I was given the late afternoon off by the Jennings clan as they went to see friends for dinner.  When I came home and took out MY garbage--who should drive up but Mrs Mamie---the next door "Cat Lady".  Remember the story about Nancy meeting her?  Go to here and read the story of our introduction to the neighbor.  Mrs. Mamie's cats are NOT my favorite critters ---but I love animals and will tolerate them--BUT in my old age---I have developed an allergy to cats.  While I am talking with Mrs. Mamie--well more like listening to her monologue--one of the cats is continually rubbing up against my leg---after about 15 minutes--my skin begins to crawl---just thinking about how much my eyes are going to itch if I don't go wash all this dander off.  ANYWAY----the conversation rolls around to my landlord--Mrs. Margaret---here is the comment that Mrs. Mamie made---
"You think you know a person and then their meanness comes to the surface."

WOW--speaking of cats and cat fights---WELL no matter HOW BIG the town---there is still small town drama going on where ever you are!

Walked a new path and made new discoveries this AM with BB before heading to the Jennings.  After yesterday's power pump class--the only thing that doesn't hurt is my brain!  

I leave you with a verse that my sweet friend sent me today---Habakkuk 3:17-19

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