I had a call today from my sweet friends at CSE that the "Principal" wanted to see me.  As I drove over, I began thinking about the last time I was summoned to the Principal's office---it was a LONG time ago!  I was junior high age---and quite the clown---I KNOW you are all shocked by that revelation--but it is true---quiet -somber-demur as I am today--there was a day---OH WELL

I was in a social studies class if my mind is working correctly and sitting in the back of the room (YES JUST LIKE I SIT AT THE BACK OF CHURCH NOW).  Being the BIG tomboy that I was---I had found a chameleon lizard and brought him into class.  I was sitting twirling him by his tail as the teacher wrote on the black board (YES TEACHERS ACTUALLY WROTE ON THE BLACKBOARD IN THE OLD DAYS).  All of a sudden his tail snapped off---STOP RIGHT THERE ALL YOU PETA LOVERS---THEY GROW BACK---the entire class cracked up---SCORE---AND I got to go explain it all to the principal--who was NOT a very jovial/joke loving person!  DO NOT TELL MY GRANDS---they make think this gives them license to twirl lizards.

Today's trip to see the principal was on a much better note----Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Sims called and asked me there to give me a wonderful gift card and thank me for volunteering and co-ordinating the volunteers for CSE for these past few years.  I was humbled and thankful and reminded them  

I Count it ALL as Joy!

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