I worked VERY hard getting a reputation in Louisiana---you know---Dillo Hunter---etc etc.  I have begun working on my Texas reputation--after all--time is wasting!  So I guess I began the "New Me" while walking/hiking---since I have no friends to chat with while trekking---I listen to my music---I've been known to get carried away and start singing---swinging---dancing---pumping my hands in the air---just depends upon what the music is at the moment.  I do this in the MIDDLE of town---no inhibitions---just go with it!

Last night--was the night to put out the garbage--recycle cans---WHO KNEW that in TX the wind blows HARD---all night it blew hard.  Now I am NOT a very trashy person---so---my cans are NOT very heavy at all.  THUS the problem---in the VERY early AM hours---the wind blows over my recycle can---I am a VERY light sleeper--SO NATURALLY I hear the commotion.  I get up---do put on shorts with the tee shirt I am sleeping in and head downstairs to pick up the trash.  When the TCU police drove by--there I am---wind blown--crazy --barefoot --chasing the trash down the street.

This morning as I take my early morning walk---I once again am plugged in to the music on my I phone---I get a text from Camille that they have taken our little one back for his surgery (hard enough to NOT be there when they said I shouldn't come) telling me how hard it was seeing them wheeling little Collin to surgery.  I start crying reading it---SO there I am on the "Frog Trail" at TCU with lots of others---traffic whizzing by--very busy street---walking and crying.

YEP---working on the reputation----at this moment it's probably something like--the "Batty Bayou Belle"!  Somethings never change--I can run--but I can't hide from the truth!

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