I have a sweet new friend here that messaged me the other day and told me that God speaks to her when she is showering---NOW perhaps you think this is peculiar---I don't---I distinctly remember one day in my shower---looking up to the heavens and saying---none of this is a surprise to you, God---you know me better than I know myself--and only see beauty when you look at me through your eyes of love.  SORRY---got off track there---but ANYWAY---she told me that God told her to tell me that "He has me here for a purpose."  It is reassuring for Him to speak through another---confirming what I think I know---but at times doubt.

I messaged her back to thank her and just laughed and told her---just be glad he doesn't speak to you at 2 AM--which is the time he prefers to talk to me.  I often laugh and say I am too busy running in circles during my waking hours for him to get my attention--so he has to wake me up from a dead sleep to speak to me.  I love those quiet still times when we are communicating with each other---there's just nothing else like it--totally alone---all is silent--except He is there with me and loves to talk to me.

I have heard others say---He has never spoken to me--what does He sound like--how do you know it's Him?  I can only speak for myself---but when the thought pops in my head--and is NOT something I have been thinking about--or not a thought that I would EVER have--it is HIM!  Keep talking to Him---He will talk to you too---JUST LISTEN!

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