Since I've been in Fort Worth, one of the huge changes in my life is that I now--walk or run or hike alone.  For YEARS I have had a partner or partners to traverse the roads and trails with, and so we talked or I listened--but there was almost always a conversation--Now it is just me and my thoughts and prayers.

Today while hiking---He told me "Look for the Joy".  I have spent the day thinking this over---and it kept bubbling to the surface of my thoughts over and over.  There was a time when I thought--there is NO JOY.  I was wrong.  There certainly has been a boat load of pain---discouragement--loneliness-despair---BUT there has always been joy---all around me---I just needed to look up to see it.

The joy of family--friends---work---service---home---nature---it just goes on and on---There is FAR more to be joyful about than that which is Not Joyful.  The challenge is looking for what brings us joy when in the pit of despair.  There, especially is joy in Jesus---and God's endless love for us.  

I know the secret---I have the key--now to stay focused on the joy---and turn from the despair---eyes always looking forward!    Romans 15:13

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