One thing that has not hit Smalltown, USA is the "Membership" at the grocery stores.  So far I have collected 2 different membership keys to the local groceries.  AND you might ask--just what does that entitle you to?  WELL---  for instance--today's purchase of 1 gallon of tea---was $1---and the pint of Bluebell Ice Cream was $1.25----THIS PRICE IS ONLY GOOD FOR CARD CARRIERS!

AND as a side benefit---discounts on gasoline purchases---.10 gallon  AND up to $1 per gallon---IF I can stay out of all the other grocery stores and just buy from Kroger---NOT going to happen---LIKE Trader Joes! 

SO I guess the reason you don't get all these FABULOUS deals in Ruston---NO competition--or let's just say VERY little!  SO SORRY--you don't get to put your little membership ID on your key chain!

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