Sweet baby daughter, Camille, posted this yesterday:

Your Honor---IN MY DEFENSE---I'm a Southern Momma---AND we Southern Mommas have a legacy of guilt---just waiting to be shared and passed on to the NEXT generation!  What Camille does NOT know is that I was MUCH MORE subtle about dishing out the guilt than my Momma EVER was.  My words---"Have you had time to do any of your thank you notes yet?"  My Momma's words, "GET IN YOUR ROOM and DO THOSE THANK YOU NOTES RIGHT NOW, YOUNG LADY!  EVERYONE is going to be saying that I taught you NO manners!"  

I also must say having been "IN THE MIDST" of the state of confusion that 3 boys 4 and under now create  moment by moment---I DO NOT ever even mention such mundane topics as "Thank You Notes" anymore.  I tend to focus on more pressing topics such as :

Did You Know----   He is hitting his brother
                           He has your egg beaters in the bathtub
                           He is dragging the baby around the house on your tablecloth
                           He has the hedge clippers trimming his brother's hair

One thing for sure---there is SO MUCH ACTION--that I don't know how she can think one coherent stream of thought--MUCH LESS---write a coherent Thank You Note!  AND AFTER ALL--what would be worse---NO Thank You Note---or a Thank You Note that tends to make one wonder if the writer was drunk or over the edge of crazy?

My Momma was the QUEEN of sharing the guilt! 

Always speak and walk softly---like a lady!
Do NOT wear white until after Easter and NEVER after Labor Day!
Always return the invitation.
Children are seen and not heard.
Don't leave the house without your makeup on and hair combed (FEELING REALLY GUILTY!)
Write your thank you notes immediately.

The list goes on and on and on----I KNEW what was coming as soon as I committed the "Cardinal Sin" of breaking some Southern Taboo!    THE DREADED SOUTHERN MANNERS LECTURE---ALWAYS ENDED WITH 'WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY!"

SO Camille--you have my permission to break ANY of the rules I guilted you with all those formative years that you desire or need----JUST DO NOT BLAME ME WHEN THE COALS OF GUILT START SMOLDERING ON YOUR HEAD AS YOU HEAP THEM ON!  We Southern belles just can't help it---it's the genetic trait of 'SHARING THE GUILT!"

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