As I was hiking this morning, I thought of my Daddy and Father's Day---I lost him FAR too early.  Girls need their daddies----their daddy is their first important relationship with a man----If he does the job as he should--she will not look for another man--until the time is right---I take every opportunity that God places before me to tell Daddies of daughters---just that---You can be the man in her life or she will find another---but she is created with a void that can only be filled with a relationship with a man...

SO all you Dads---it is a precious gift that you have been given---being a dad---you will never do anything any more important---and that will leave a lasting legacy----be the Dad that God teaches us to be---Love and Live Selflessly and the rewards are eternal--and God will richly bless you with the love of your children in return.

I would love to have one more conversation with Daddy---just one.

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