The truth---Momma was a snob!  Loved her--still do--she's my momma--but she was a  snob.  I am sure those that knew her will be shocked--she was always gracious--but that comes with good breeding----or so she would say.  She was RELENTLESS in her quest to make me a lady!  I don't think I have a snobbish bone in my body--and if I EVER did--life has knocked it out of me!

NOW---I DO NOT WANT ANY COMMENTS---but she sent me to charm school---and NO I did not flunk!  I learned how to walk, to talk, to sit, to eat--just how to be charming in general.  At the time---I was really only interested in putting on make up---NO SUCH LUCK---didn't ever take that 2nd year and learn the secret of make up---as I am sure you can tell.  The rest--though---I learned it all.

At home---I was schooled daily---for some strange reason---Momma considered her genes---well above the normal---in fact---she probably thought she was at the top of the gene pool.  NOT going to get into the reason for that---NOT the purpose of this post!  So she preached---pleaded--demanded---would stand for no less than total lady like behavior--after all---I came from good stock--or so she told me.

It worked---sometimes to my dismay---when you have hit me with your best shot--knocked me out of the saddle--pulled the blocks out from under me---I will just smile--maybe even agree---when inside---I might like to knock you into tomorrow.  It's NOT lady-like to hit.

The times in my life---when I was seriously mis-done--when I deserved to yell--scream--rant and rave---she did a good job--just can't do it.  I might be thinking--rehearsing---planning--what I have ever right to say---just can't get past that good breeding!  I have thought about the fact that I now live where NO ONE knows me--can show whatever side of me I would like---something tells me---this is who I am now--and I still will be unfailingly polite and gracious--even when I would like to do otherwise.  I have someone else now that holds me accountable for my actions and I REALLY do NOT want to disappoint Him!

Perhaps God used Momma's lessons---to keep me from acting un-Godly before I knew Him and I am thankful.  Momma's lessons served me well until the time when I was not concerned with acting like a lady because of good breeding--but instead desired to please Him because I was His child.  It's all about my lineage---genetically and spiritually--all about good breeding!

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