While in Austin, I hiked REAL hill trails, with #2.   OH MY GOSH---I CANNOT DO THIS HIKE!!!  I somehow managed to hike the 2 miles in these hilly--scree covered, rock laden-steep trails with BB on my back---but when we reached our turning around point---I only made it a few more feet before I handed BB over to Gabe.  The hiking without BB is doable---BUT I AM IN BIG TROUBLE when it comes to hiking with her.  HOW IN THE WORLD am I going to hike all those miles for 8 days in that extreme altitude and going over 4 or 5 passes---DO NOT HAVE A CLUE!!!

SO LOOKING to hire a Sherpa---pay is low--but will entertain you highly and you will see some of the best sights in the world  AND I promise to pack light!

NO---NO TAKERS---WELL I guess I just need to double my training efforts----Had my eyes opened BIG TIME  AND when I got home #1--who has hiked this trail when he was 27--told me "You have NO IDEA how tough this is going to be!"  SO GLAD for the encouraging word!

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