It has been disappointing how difficult it is to get someone to talk to me here in the big city.  I will try to start a conversation, only to know almost instantly that the one I am talking to is either not interested or distracted.  I keep wondering how do you finally break the ice.

I believe I have finally discovered one of the secrets-at the local Y anyway.  While home last week in R, we hiked at the park and I discovered I was not ready for the strenuous hiking of steep hills yet.  I came back with a plan to go to the Y with BB on my back and use the treadmill to simulate the rigors of going up the mountains.

Turns out this is the key to get someone to talk to you, for MANY are curious as to why I am doing this.  I have had numerous men and women come up to me and ask why I am walking on the treadmill with a 30 pound pack on my back.  I always stop, take out my earphones and explain what I am training for.  Some are immediately satisfied, others want more details, and all have wished me well.  SO to get someone to talk to you, just do something outlandish and out of place, such as walk on the treadmill with a backpack loaded down.  NOW all I have to do is figure out my next outlandish and out of place stunt so we can keep the conversation flowing!

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