I have had a change in body rhythms during recents days.  I believe it all started while back in R for a few days.  Glenda and I stayed up late visiting and hitting the roads while I was there and I slept in much later for me.  After YEARS of going to bed around 9 and being up from 4-5 in the morning, things have changed.  I woke up that early for many years to run with my friends.  During the school year, they had to go to work early and during the summer we tried to run before the sun came up because of the heat.

Here in Fort Worth, I am a little apprehensive to hit the streets alone--even in the early morning hours.  I have always laughed and said the Evil was at home asleep at that time of the morning, but I am more cautious here in virgin territory.  So I don't go out until the sun is up and I can see whom I am about to meet.  So recently I have been still reading or writing at 10-11-12---I MAKE myself go to bed at 12, and then stay in the bed until 6-7---GASP!

I also have begun sleeping better-thank you melantonin and becoming used to the city sounds and even Whipper Snapper's middle of the night shenanigans!  I do need to remember that the students are all gone and there is not nearly as much foot traffic in front of my apartment.  Will have to see how that goes once school starts again.  For now, I am sleeping better than I have in years, and thankful!

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