Sweet brother Robbie and I have always laughed about being introverts---we laughed--but inside because of the important relationships around me ---I thought that  I might be second class.  I became convinced the world was the extrovert's pearl---and we introverts were the shell.  

Those times that I refused to make decisions without careful analysis---and exploration of options---instead of jumping on the impulsive bandwagon of snap decisions--I often was left feeling as if I did not have faith--was a Negative Nelly.

Now I am not so introverted that I do not enjoy social interaction--but I prefer an intense one on one conversation to a night of idle chit chat at a huge social gathering.  I want to hear what you are thinking and feeling---and use it for my thinking fodder and to know you better.  You are important to me!  My friendships run deep---and I like that!

I also can lead--and enjoy the stimulation of leading a discussion-teaching-conducting a business meeting.  Have had to do the tough task of addressing employees that are not working---even the ultimate "We are not a fit" talk.  Now--I can do all of this---but after it is all over I will probably go home and curl up with a great book.  

I am reading a book--Quiet---you can click on it on the top right side of this page.  Turns
out---there is NOTHING wrong with me---I am encouraged---and feel better about myself than I have in a LONG time and I have not finished reading it yet.

SO bottom line---we all love to be around the extroverts in our life---but we introverts---we have a LOT to offer!  Feel like you might have some introvert characteristics---strongly encourage you to read it.  Easy read and SO reassuring!

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