I rarely post twice in one day-but today I KNEW you were ALL in need of a 


You do remember old Whipper Snapper?  NO--if not go HERE and read about him.

ANYWAY---being the kind, sweet & gentle soul that I am---I have been taking Whipper Snapper's garbage cans to the street on collection day.  WELL perhaps not just my wonderful spirit, BUT also the fact that he rolls those noisy cans on the rock drive at 3 AM if I don't.  ANYWAY---I GET POINTS---I take it out and most of the time, I have to roll them back when he leaves for work in the afternoon and just leaves them where they are---I ASSUME he intends to roll them back to their place at 3 AM also.  He rolls them RIGHT UNDER my bedroom window---light sleeper---NOT happy to be awakened---difficult to go back to sleep---YOU GET THE PICTURE!

When I got home last night after helping with the Jennings children since #2 is STILL not completely recovered, there are the garbage cans staring me in the face and OF COURSE Whipper Snapper has already left for work.  I roll mine out and SHOCK--there is NOT ONE THING in his cans----GREAT--I get a day off and perhaps he is not as trashy as I thought!

At 3:30 this morning---he is at it again--rolling out his two cans--loudly--under my bedroom window----GRRRR!  The waste disposal man comes really early--but when I looked out---Whipper Snapper had filled his cans so full the tops would not close.  I guess he had all this trash in his apartment all week--  back to the trashy designation you go WS!

SO after they collected the trash EARLY this morning, I rolled the cans (ONLY MINE SO FAR) back to their resting place, while pulling them by HIS GROUND FLOOR bedroom window at 6:30----TOUCHE, WHIPPER SNAPPER!!!

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