It has been suggested that I explore a new place in Fort Worth every week and blog about what I see.  SO every Friday for a while--FRIDAY'S IN FORT WORTH.  A blog about what I am finding in the Big City!

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

I have  visited this museum several times, the latest being while all the grands were here in town.  Something for ALL ages-

A children's area where the four year old and two year old LOVE playing in the grocery shopping area and the extensive train lay out.  The grocery store has shelves of all the grocery items you need and carts to put them in before checking out at the rolling conveyor belt, cash register complete with the scanner.  At what age do we finally realize that going grocery shopping is NOT so thrilling and can even be dreaded?  OH and DO NOT FORGET the outdoor water area--that even baby Collin likes!

A dinosaur lab--with a great exhibit of dinosaur finds and a computer game where you construct your own dinosaurs.   We came up with a dinosaur with pink & purple spots and feathers---quite unique!  All the boys enjoy this area.

A cattle raiser's exhibit with barb wire, saddles, stuffed longhorns and horses, saddles, pictures---a video room, a room to ride the broncs, something for every age.  We spend the most time in this area-re-living a by gone era.

An I Max show and a planetarium.  The boys never tire of the I Max and we have seen the planetarium show previously--impressive.

An energy gallery with a mock set up of a city and the energy grid and life size tools and truck and rigs of the energy industry.  More for the big boys---but who doesn't like turning lights on and off?

A great exhibit---filled with people and volunteers---what better way to spend a HOT summer Texas day!

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