The last morning of Beth Moore included the teaching of praying for our enemies---THIS IS WHEN SHE STARTED MEDDLING!  

For me it all starts with Judging---or the cloak I like to hide judgement under---condemnation.  I have an entire chapter of my soon to be released book dedicated to my propensity to judge-- NOT one of my more charming attributes.  Beth hit the nail square on the head--how we look around us---spot something/someone---shake our heads in somber sadness--and then OPEN OUR MOUTHS and allow Satan to use us by our words of accusation and disapproval--BUT OH YES---ALWAYS---couched with "Bless their heart".  I suppose our blessing them before blasting them is supposed to make it all right! 

SO---I love to announce with my righteous glow to all around me---"I have forgiven".  Truthfully I have---BUT the next step is Praying for Them-----BUT GOD DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT THEY DID TO ME?????  After Beth's reminder of the scripture, she then instructed us to 


You could have heard a pin drop in the midst of 8000 strong--not one sound---all heads down------And then---behind me ---this cry began---a SOULFUL-REMORSEFUL- CRY FILLED WITH PAIN AND ANGUISH----and it was not for a few seconds or even a minute-she cried tears among moans and groans of anguish for what seemed like an eternity.  It echoed throughout that vast arena.  It hit me--was this what heaven sounds like when I sin--when I am disobedient?  THEN I could pray---reminded that God surely understands and knows our every tear--every moan--every groan. 

It is NOT so much about praying for our enemy--though that is exactly what we are called to do---it IS about being obedient.  God's word is NOT empty of reason and this command to pray comes with meaning as well.  When I FINALLY could pray for those that have cut me to the core and broken my heart ---BECAUSE GOD HAD INSTRUCTED ME TO---THEN I HAD FORGIVEN THEM!  It is an act of obedience  BECAUSE God understands what is best for us.  We extend mercy because HE first extended mercy to us.

If I am going to continue to develop that deep-deep relationship of love with Him---I MUST be disciplined in obeying His word.  It is all there for a purpose and a reason AND that will lead to REALLY KNOWING Him----

"But I say to you,Love your enemies and pray for those that persecute you."
Matthew 5:44

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  1. Beth has been gifted to speak God's Word clearly and with great power to this generation of women. I praise God, with you, Lulu, for her influence!

    1. I was SO impressed with her and the boldness that she imparts "Truth" with--while humble---so humble.


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