I am disappointed, but I know that God was stopping my hiking adventure for a reason---I have learned to listen in the last few years.  Really what is there to complain about?  I have had 4 days of beautiful hikes and who could be disappointed when I have seen the very face of God at the top of each and every crest.

After both a shower and a bath, I hang everything out to begin the drying process, and realize that I am starving---been hanging around all these big eaters too long!  I take a Saturday night stroll to see what there is to offer and find a little pub tucked in under a giant hotel on the edge of the ski slope.  There seems to be a concert "Happening" on the slope!  I ask who is playing and find out that they are having a free concert tonight with the headlining group being the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band---THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS LITTLE PERK!

I order a bowl of bison chili----and a really cold drink and begin to enjoy tonight's entertainment.  The barkeep walks over and begins a conversation during his lulls----HE HAS ON A KILT!   It is really quite cute---though I did wonder if he realized that a longer kilt would hide his bow legs.   Now I have to admit to you that I have not had many conversations with a man for quite some time that did not involve legal matters or work.  Most of the other conversations with the opposite gender has led to them running for the hills like I am Typhoid Mary.  I can take a hint----

This guy seems to actually enjoy talking to me!  We talk about his kilt---his Irish and my Scot/Irish ancestry.  The tartan he is wearing which is the Irish national tartan.  We just enjoy a nice conversation over a delicious dinner.  Refreshing to know that I am not being rejected and perhaps do not carry any deadly germs after all!  I have missed these conversations with a man.

After dinner, I walk out and enjoy some more of the concert before heading in for a GOOD--WARM--COMFORTABLE night's sleep!  God's little gift---closes out another great day in his majestic creation.

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