Awake early, after a night of praying and considering all the possibilities, Mountain Rescue calls us to report they have sent search parties from the three different directions that Jim could have gone.  We have determined that Jim has all he needs, but a camp stove.  He might have to eat cold food, but he can eat and he has shelter.  Late in the morning after MANY phone calls, Mountain Rescue calls and reports their team has come across someone that camped with Jim last night at Snowmass Lake.  Hikers are friendly like that---invite you in to their camp and share their evening with you.  Obviously he decided to continue the hike after saying he would not.  Later in the morning, we get a call that a rescuer has found him and is hiking with him.

With a huge sigh of relief, we decide to rent bicycles and bike from Snowmass to Aspen for a late lunch.  The rental guy tells us it is mostly downhill, with the exception of one long uphill---he forgot to mention the grade is so steep that you have to get off the bike and push.  On the bike ride, we receive another call that Jim will not accept help to carry his pack (which is BY FAR the heaviest of all our packs) and is struggling.  He has to rest every 10-20 feet.  Their person cannot stay with Jim, if he refuses help, and they are asking Sonja to hike in and help get him back.  SO Sonja with tired and weary leg, eats a quick lunch and heads off to be taken to the trailhead. 

After a delicious lunch, I take my bike back and ride the bus back to Snowmass.  Cindy and Sam take a walking and riding tour of Aspen since they have not seen it before.  What began as good news, turned south quickly, but thankfully Jim is not injured or worse and probably worst case scenario just exhausted.

Jim and Sonja finally make it back after a long and exhausting hike around 7 PM.  A quick shower, supper, hot tub and bed for all ended the day.  Thanking God for His protection after hearing of Jim's struggle to complete the loop.  His grace is sufficient.
Tomorrow a recount of the full story of the search and rescue--AMAZING!

Mouth Fully Open--Trying To Get Enough Oxygen
After One Mile Uphill Climb!

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