SURPRISE---I have been thinking today! One of my struggles in life has been my self image.  I always remember feeling inadequate--not quite making the cut---just slightly below par---you get the drift.  I was wondering if we all feel this way or just a select few.  I know our self image has a lot to do with the feed back we are given at important times in our lives--beginning as a child.  We let the world and those that are in our world dictate how we feel about ourselves. We watch television, read magazines, view movies, etc. and compare ourselves to those that the media tells us are our icons of perfection.  We take to heart comments and remarks that are flippantly made about us or around us and overlook all the positive feedback we are given.  In short--the world determines how we feel about ourselves.

What we need to keep is mind is that we are created in "The Very Image of God"!  HE has fearfully and wonderfully made us and HE SAID WE ARE GOOD!  God created us for HIS good pleasure.  HE is well pleased.  He gives us the gifts that we are blessed with---He chooses to use us--He loves us SO MUCH that He provided our greatest gift---salvation by the death of HIS son.  We are precious in His sight.

SO---when I am going through these periods of self-debasement-I need to remember WHO I AM----HIS beautiful creation that HE loves faithfully and beyond my wildest dreams.  Who am I going to listen to--the world or God Almighty? Praying--asking Him to remind me of how precious I am in His sight. 

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