Before today's post--Thank you for reading and thank you for commenting.  The number of followers and hits on this blog has grown and occasionally I get a very thought provoking comment on the blog post--such as yesterday's post.  I gleam great encouragement from you all to run the good race.  THANK YOU!

My dirty little secret---I have not run or walked-except for a stroll since I returned from "The Big Adventure."  I am still lifting weights in the body pump class at the Y, BUT My cardio has gone the way of the slothio.   I was not given a middle name at birth---with a name like Loralu--who needs more.  Perhaps I should put Sloth in that spot.  Running and walking all these years has kept me off the edge of the cliff and out of the gorge of depression.  I talk a lot about this in the coming book (REALLY CLOSE TO PUBLISHING).  Running -especially-increases my levels of endorphins--HAPPY JUICE--that your body produces to keep that smile on your face.  With the recent events in my life, I decided it was time to remedy this and work on getting those Happy Hormones flowing.

I left bright and early (my current bright and early are not that early and I am not that bright) determined to walk 5 miles.  I started with a bounce in my step and my favorite Christian music in my ear---it did not take long for the bounce to slow to a plop.  It is VERY hot here in TX, but not as humid---BUT I am a gifted sweat-er----REALLY GIFTED!  By the time I dragged my out of shape self back to my house, it was NOT a pretty sight.  The Good News--I walked the entire 5 miles---The Bad News---the pain begins at my waist and works down to the bottom of my feet.

WHY WHY WHY do I let myself do this?  It does NOT get easier as you get older to start over with the cardio workouts.  If I could get my leg up that high, I would kick my own rear.  The reason I did this to myself---I forgot-refused to admit-how much I need it.  I am the one that allowed this to happen--I fell off the wagon and hit the ground--and now when I need it most--I have only myself to blame for how hard it is to get going and get those HH going again.

I suppose it is not unlike our time with our Father.  We start out with great intentions--KNOW we need to spend that time with Him EVERYDAY--know things will go better if we just make Him the  priority in our lives...BUT we let sloth take over--and the world interfere with our good plan.  Then when we hit rock bottom---instead of having that steady base of daily communication with Him---we have to go back--re approach Him and pull ourselves close again.  He never moved---it was us that turned away.  We are all SLOW learners!  The bad news--it will be painful at the bottom---The Good News--He will help pull us up---YET AGAIN----He loves us dearly!

"Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and
unsearchable things you do not know."
Jeremiah 33:3

If God is prompting you, please feel free to share any and all posts.


  1. Thanks, Loralu, for that swift kick where my big old foot won't reach.

    1. OH Rebecca--I remember when we could get that foot up that high--Perhaps He is protecting us from a permanently bruised rear!

  2. Early to bed and early to rise (you ladies are certainly that ) makes one healthy, wealthy and wise.

    1. Ronny, My little secret is that I write these blogs the day before and schedule them to be posted the next AM, always at the same time--thus consistency for the reader to know when to expect the next one. I was a very early bird for MANY years--no more-and must say I am rather enjoying sleeping in a little later.


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