It makes me tingle all the way to my toes--to see how God is teaching me.  The intricacies of His plans-and the seemingly simpleness of it all playing out makes my head spin.  He is a MIGHTY GOD---and I am awe-struck as His plans for me are revealed.  

Do you remember my encouragement to read this book?  I started this book weeks ago-

It is beautifully written--with words wrapped in prose like circles all reminding us to give Thanks----Eucharisteo---the Greek word for thanks.  The book is a  challenge to write down all those gifts in our lives and worlds for which we are thankful.  A book that I have slowly read and chewed upon as I have delighted in the description of Thanksgiving for even the mundane.  A long and slow digestion of the beauty and joy in our lives.

I am attending a women's Bible study here in Fort Worth.  This study is based upon the concept of BSF---an in depth probing and dissection of The Word--an exploration of the rich - deep texture of God's very being as revealed to us in 
His divine revelation to His beloved.

Today's word included the lesson of the Greek meaning of two basic words which we cling to in the revealed word of God:

Grace - Charis
Joy - Chara

Look back at the Greek word for Thanks--and notice the root of the word--Charis or Chara-------Grace and Joy are embedded in the midst of Thanksgiving.

My quest at this time in my life is for joy---the joy which is found when experiencing the grace that has been lavished upon me. In the midst of all this reminder of the Grace and Joy in my life--I give Thanks---Eucharisteo.

"Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever."

Psalm 106:1

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