I have freely confessed to being slightly OCD--OK--more than slightly---I like--NO LOVE--order in my life.  Things have a place and all things need to be in their place.  That is why God gave me grandchildren---to help de-sensitize my need for order.  When the sweet grands come for a visit--well things end up in a mess-
Sort of like the mess this picture is because I canNOT figure out why it will not stay rotated.

We line things up--have it all planned out--and BAM--Life throws us a curve and we are in a mess---Life is MESSY!  If you want order---get another life--it does not work here!

I would have NEVER dreamed I would be in Fort Worth TX--about to turn 65--alone--do not know anyone--living in an old house---by the university where they party hardy--life is just a HUGE MESS compared to what I thought it would be.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT---I need to get over it--and deal with the mess in front of me and just keep moving forward---what choice do I have--for that matter what choice do any of us have when life turns messy?  Do your best to clean up the mess---Look to the only one who is NOT messy--and move forward.

Our lives are messy--we serve a God who is in the business of cleaning up our messes---we all need a good cleansing!

"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrightenousness."
I John 1:9

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  1. I just had to drop by and thank you for letting your readers know that you're reading the Creekside blog! It's great to welcome some of your gang aboard!

    Blessings, my friend!

    1. Thank You, Linda for dropping by. I know as they browse through the links they will enjoy your wisdom filled and inspiring blog.

      Blessing to you!


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