I am going to give you a bit of Lora's wisdom today---wisdom gained from all these years of living--


The love I speak of is not the infatuation of the first bloom of love-when all you can think of is the other person---and your desire for them clouds every sane thought.  No the love I speak of is what you must learn when you finally notice-

They are not quite as cute early in the morning
They smell bad at times
They leave their sweaty clothes in a wet heap for you to pick up
They smack when they eat
They snore like a freight train
They yell at the television
Their rituals are all consuming
They are never ready on time

Fill in the blanks with whatever annoys you to the point of screaming. Perhaps I might even have a select few annoying habits!   Let's face it--we all can annoy the stew out of each other.  If you do not realize that in the early days of a relationship--hang on--you will be driven to the edge of reason--it is just a matter of time.

THAT is when you begin to learn what love really is--love is an active choice we make EVERYDAY--to cherish the good and ignore the trying---to remember the special times and put the bad behind---to look for the positive and ignore the negative.  It is a choice we make each and every day and it is WORK!  To have a good relationship--you must work at it--you must leave your own selfish desires behind and think of the other first.  You have to remember what drew you to begin with and look past what repels you now.

You HAVE to work on it--both of you---or it is just not going to work---MAKE THE CHOICE everyday when you begin to awaken to the new day--the choice of love.

"And beyond all these things put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity."
Colossians 3:14

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