With the 3 littlest boy grands---4 1/2- almost 3--and almost 9 months, I live in the Land of Poops and Toots!  LITTLE BOYS---can become rather fixated on producing smelly things so they can then ask the question---WHO STINKS?  and roar with laughter.  The 4 year old takes GREAT DELIGHT in calling out Mr. Pootie Head.  I try to NOT laugh, but sometimes it is impossible.  It is the way he says it and the tone he uses---MR POO-TA HEAD---with a mischievous grin and irresistible cackle.  

Those times that someone--might have a diaper that needs changing - or the room is filled with a pungent aroma-The GREAT SEARCH ensues---The mystery of the stink can rival the greatest mystery novels.  Most of the time---the mystery can be solved and the stinker nullified with a diaper change-- or the gleefully admitted guilt with the announcement, "I TOOTED!"  but there are times---the source of the smell-can not be traced and the entire crew are innocent unless proven guilty. 

I read recently a sweet friend's comment that he wished he had taken the dead skunk off a greater distance from his house.  Had that same experience with a dead dillo---if the stink is too close--it will permeate the very air you breathe and soak into the pores of your skin--contaminating EVERYTHING in the near vicinity.

So it is with sin---it stinks--oh you may try to disguise that aroma by applying some smell good disguise BUT underneath it stinks!  It will permeate and soak into our pores and we will reek of the sick aroma of it---until we confess what is causing the smell and then receive our cleansing-- We will just plain down right stink!  Momma was right again---I need a cleansing EVERY day!  I do not want to be the Stinker!

"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins
 and will cleanse us from all unrighteous."
I John 1:9

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  1. Our sins definitely cannot be hidden no matter how much we try to cover up for them. Even if they are hidden from the world, in our hearts we always remain guilty.

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