There is a necessity for bridges in our lives. 
 I have always marveled at their beauty -
 but more importantly-
I gloried in their placement--
at all the right places along the path as I traveled. 
 The wonder of their construction
 and the perils that they might span
 and  what holds them up 
and who dared to build their often lofty paths
 always comes to mind as I peer over their sides.

The wonder of all wonders---
how would I have dared to get over the river,
 through the bog, or dared the swamp-
-or so many other perils- 
 if not for the bridge across their dangers?  
 The path would have stopped
 and I would have stood still
 had not someone seen the need
 and provided the way-
across the bleak snare to my forward walk.

Some bridges high and some very low-
-all with the purpose of connecting the dots -
providing a way to walk over the dangers
 that lie along the road.
 And wonder-more wonder what might be below
 those towering bastions of safety from danger?
 Perhaps a troll--perhaps a billy goat so gruff---
perhaps an entire city of dwellers could all live below.
  Enjoying the protection that the bridge affords 
to even those unseen to those on the path.

Swiftly running water---
still water but deep--
dizzying heights to the canyon floor--
there is always a reason -a time -
a season for the bridge to be built-
to provide the path for our trek through time.

Life is filled with bridges
 a necessary tool to continue the journey
 to the mountain top.  
The most beautiful and greatest of bridges
 I have seen was made
 from two simple beams that were shaped like a cross. 
 A bridge from the fallen to the glory of the heights---
placed at the most important of places--
from my heart to His throne -
a bridge for all ages.
Today I am thankful for the joy
of knowing
of all the bridges 
built for all my stages
as I walk this path
He has placed before me.

"I am the way, 
the truth,
the life,
no one comes to the Father,
but through me."
John 14:6
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