Growing old is NOT for the faint of heart.  One of my challenges is plucking my eyebrows---I HAVE to have my reading glasses on--why without them--I don't even know there are stray hairs up there-might not even be any eyebrows!---I also have to have light--and I have to be able to get to those brows with my glasses on and oh yes-DO NOT forget the magnifying mirror. It is NO easy feat and couple that with the shadow my hand creates when I get it between the light and my face--I have resorted to having those brows waxed--it would be easier to split the atom than to get the light-the glasses-the tweezers-AND the magnifying mirror all in proper alignment.  Put a pair of glasses on this lady below and you get the idea-

I always stand amazed when God is teaching me from different venues---and all are the same lesson.  Why would I be amazed--when He has done it over and over?  The current sermon series at church and the women's Bible study I am attending have been focusing on "The Light".  I have been reminded over and over of the Source of Light in my life.  The opposite of the light is of course the dark.  Why would I stand in the dark when I can always be in the light?

Think of the solar eclipse--the moon stands between the sun's light and the earth--hiding the brilliance of the light.

The Light comes from Him.  We are privileged to be chared with sharing the light.  The question is are we reflecting His light for all to see or are we absorbing the light and then casting a shadow based upon our actions-which blocks the view of the light.  Are we blocking the light's refraction and not reflecting the light- leaving only darkness around us.  I am praying to not be a dark shadow ---but instead a clear lens to refract the rays and show His glory.

"God is light; in Him there is no darkness at all."
I John 1:5

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  1. True if I ever heard it.... What about the one that grows from the "side of your head" and you don't see it, is that not what friends are for. A Funny is a friend of mine at dinner one night, had a hair growing from middle of his eyes at the top of his nose. My predicament was, "comment or pass"? To ignore was impolite, however to comment was awkward. Well this was a whale of a hair and long, so long you could hang out clothes to dry on it, you could have mountain climbed with it, lassoed a cow, get the picture and he did not have a clue, just him and his HUGE hair taking up extra space.... So what was I to do, well I did it..... I just reached up and quickly plucked that rope of a hair and he never knew what hit him. So he said what was that and all I could say, "I thought you had something on your forehead but I was wrong, LOL, LOL, LOL. I did save the hair and think I will weave a blanket for him with it.... Now that is a good friend.

    1. Thanks for my belly laugh for the day! You would have thought he would have noticed that you were staring at his forehead--OH WAIT---it was a man--NEVER MIND! Good luck with your weaving!


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