I can just HEAR the "Church Lady" from "Saturday Night Live" calling out his name.

Today is Halloween and not only my Papa James'es birthday,but also the day that many of the creatures of the Dark World appear as tiny little people walking around demanding treats or be tricked.  You do not see many "Devil" costumes anymore.  The devil has been portrayed with forked tails and pointed ears and a  pitchfork in his hand for all of my memory.

Where did this idea of how he looks come from?  This image was created by man in an attempt to weaken Satan by attacking him at his weakest point--that point would be pride.  By depicting him as this ugly creature, man is attempting to weaken God's fallen angel by making him ugly.  A slick but ineffective tool at weakening "The Angel of Light".  Satan--Lucifer--the Accuser---he stands before God accusing us of our sins.  

What does Satan look like?  In my mind's eye---

he is the height of earthly beauty-with the decay of the flesh beneath

he is the whisper of worldly success--with the permeating slime of greed

he is the allure of the immoral--with the aroma of rotting filth

he is the easy climb to easy street--with the stench of sloth attached

he is consuming the fatted calf--with the reeking swollen belly

He is a SLICK operator--prone to whispering in our ears--blurring our vision--encouraging our wrath--whetting our appetites with the aroma of earthly pleasures.  God has proclaimed him the prince of earth and allows him to roam freely seeking to hunt us down, steal our faith, destroy our souls, and ultimately kill us when he has finished using us.

I heard not too long ago that Satan does not want to kill us as long as he can use us.  I DO NOT want to be used---I claim the protection of the Father--Satan may be alive and well--BUT he will not win---the battle has already been decided--He loses--God wins and through Jesus-so do we.  The GOOD NEWS---we win!

Today I am thankful for the joy of remembering who my 
protector is and the ultimate victory still to come.

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;
 I have come that they may have life, 
and have it to the full."
John 10:10

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