I heard a comment today----"I thought God had forgotten me."  How many times has this very statement been repeated?  What utter devastation of spirit would lead to the desperation of this statement?  As I heard those words repeated in my mind over and over, I began to remember how many are lost, lonely, abandoned, rejected, devastated, bewildered, suffering, and on and on with the holidays approaching.  The entire world surrounding them is engaged in joyous celebration and they are frozen in their tracks looking up and questioning "What has happened?".  "Did He forget me?"

The sun rises each and every morning--even when you do not see it--in the eastern sky.  At the end of the day, it slowly sinks in the west--even when you do not see it-to mark the end of the day.  He does not forget.

The seasons change in regular order---Spring begets Summer--Summer begets Fall--Fall begets Winter---Winter begets Spring and they continue to roll around the circle of seasons.  New birth--growth--maturity--and a fade into the stillness of winter--year after year---He does not forget.

The water bubbles out of springs in the ground and fills streams as it leaks from the earth.  The springs flows to rivers and the rivers flow to the ocean.  The tides roll in and roll out in a rhythm of the ages.  He does not forget.

A baby is born into a family---the baby grows to a child---the child grows to a teen--the teen grows to a young adult--the young adult grows to middle age--the middle aged grow to old age--and finally the day comes when life ends and we return to Him.  Some lives are shorter--and yet still--we are born and then we die.  He does not forget.

When you look around at the natural order of the world--stop and pause to consider who created the intricate and perfect orchestration of the world we live in.  Who could have known our each and every physical need and created the world so that  all would be met?  Who could have known our deep need for relationships--and created those that we would meld together with to fulfill that deep heart need?  He does not forget.

If each and every day that comes and then goes you observe the miracles of creation---the stars in the sky--the moon in its stages--the flowers as they bloom---the hierarchy of living beings--the sun as it rises and then again sets-the breath of fresh air--the cool gentle breezes--the canopy of trees--the warmth of the noonday sun---knowing He never forgets to keep it all in motion-pause, reflect, and remember--He does not forget.

Life can be difficult--the path can be rocky--steep--treacherous--but He is there by your side.  He has not forgotten you--nor will He ever.  Look around consider His handiwork and how marvelous it all works together.  You can have faith the sun will rise and set--water will flow to the ocean--the tide will roll in and out--babies will be born and we will all die--He has provided all our physical needs--and when we are lonely----He will fill the void of our aloneness.  YOU CAN HAVE FAITH -HE NEVER FORGETS.

"For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.”
Isaiah 41:13

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