A sweet friend told me a great story recently that needs to be passed on.  She was out hunting coyotes on her family property late one evening.  Sitting on a pipeline clearing, she was patiently holding her rifle with scope and waiting for the little chicken stealing devil to come through the clearing.  Living on a family compound of many acres, her parents came riding by on their mule (MOTORIZED CITY PEOPLE--we do not actually ride around on mules in Louisiana--well not much) on their way to put out some corn for the deer.  She is wrapped from head to toe and has an orange hat pulled low over her face.  They stop to investigate and upon discovering their daughter's identity her mother asks, "Is that gun loaded?"  OUR MAMA'S Bless Their Hearts!  I cracked up and asked did you want to answer "No, I plan to throw the empty gun at him."  VERY difficult to kill a coyote with an empty gun!

One of Camille's friends who has young children and is a born and raised city girl asked me recently my opinion on questioning friends about guns.  Her child had been invited for a play date with a family she did not know well.  She asked me what I thought about her asking if they had guns in their home.  I just smiled and replied, "Well I have a loaded gun in my home.  I keep it for protection, but I would not be offended if you asked me the question and would think you were protecting your children who are not familiar with guns."  Before you go off the deep end--My gun is well hidden from my grands and very high--AND they do not play alone in any room in my apartment.  I am VERY cautious and well aware of the danger.

After hearing the story--God gave me a little nudge and asked me,

"Is your gun loaded?"

A gun which has no ammunition is of little use.  It will provide no protection, if not fulled loaded and ready for action.  We need to have our spiritual weapons fully loaded and ready in case of attack.  The ammunition God has provided us is His Word.  His Word does us NO good sitting in a prominent spot on a table for all to see, nor does it absorb into our spirit when we carry it everywhere we go.  We must open it up and load our self with the ammunition.  He provides the bullets for the spiritual warfare here on this earth--we are responsible for loading our weapons.  The enemy seeks to steal, kill, and destroy-but you are provided the means of protection from His attacks.  LOAD YOUR WEAPONS and be ready for the attack--be safe and secure in the knowledge given by His instruction manual---


BECAUSE I am thankful for all those who dedicate their lives to teaching our precious children, I slipped a note of gratitude into my student's teacher's mailbox thanking her for her willingness to spend her life  educating God's precious blessing to us--children.

"Every word of God proves true. He is a shield to all who come to him for protection."
Proverbs 30:5

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